The ReThink editorial team is currently working on a new series, due to launch in 2022. ReThink : Financial Services will focus, as the name suggests, on the world of FS.

The series covers a range of topics which allow viewers to select from the best ideas across a wide spectrum of organisations and people in the Financial Services sectro. Shows include interviews with people who have developed disruptive business models, market leaders and those taking an entirely new approach.

The series examines examples of the best ideas which have emerged in FS in recent years, or which has been hastened by the pressures of Covid-19, and consider how these new approaches to businesses give organisations a real “leg up” in a competitive market. The right ideas executed in the right ways can help businesses to work smarter, gain competitive advantage, deliver faster and cut costs.

We want the ReThink : Financial Services series to be both a catalyst and a resource for people in the industry who looking for ways to harness the best thinking in these competitive times.

Our first episodes are in planning now, and we are working on further programming for the series. We’ll be launching additional shows throughout 2022.

We expect much of this content to dovetail with content from our other series, also launching at the same time.

If you’d liked to get involved, please contact us.