Governments, business leaders, investors, environmental groups – everyone is acutely aware of the need to make massive carbon emission reductions – and now. But is the target of “Net Zero” by 2050 realistic? Can we do this faster? Do we have any choice?

ReThink’s latest series, Net Zero, asks this question, and more.

We will talk to business leaders, politicians, scientists and academics. We’ll delve into the issues, uncover the challenges, identify innovative thinking and potential solutions, and much more.

This series will eventually cover a number of sub-topics including:

  • What is Net Zero, and (how) can we achieve it?
  • What are the forces pushing for it, and pulling against it?
  • What role does responsible investing and ESG play, and how can investors help create the needed change?
  • Which technologies might help us achieve this faster?
  • What can entire industries, countries, regions do to help make Net Zero a reality?
  • Is there another way which makes more sense?

We want the ReThink: Net Zero series to be both a catalyst and a resource for people who looking for ways to harness the best thinking in helping organisations and governments to drive towards Net Zero.

This series is in planning now, and we are working on further programming for the series. We’ll be launching a schedule in 2022.

We expect much of this content to dovetail with content from our other series, also launching at the same time.

If you’d liked to get involved, please contact us.